Our Valuation Process

Have you got a scarf or accessory that you think we would be interested in? Why not see if we can purchase your vintage or designer item.

We are interested in buying items from both French & Italian designer labels. Era's we buy from are generally from the 1940's to 1990's all items need to be in beautiful excellent condition. 

If your not sure about what to do next see our tips on how we value an item step by step.


One of the fist things we look for is an original receipt, original box, dust cover or certificate of authenticity. We love to hear the story behind the item, this helps us to build a true picture. With Vintage items receipts and original packaging is not always possible so don't worry.

These items are always great to keep especially if you purchase an expensive designer piece whether its a Hermes scarf or Chanel handbag. Quite often packaging is an important part of dating your Accessories.


Remember you may love your scarf or accessory you want to sell and have an idea of what it sells for, but being classified as vintage or having a designer label doesn't always make it valuable or desirable to others. 

We always offer market price valuations which are a reflection of large auction house sale prices from reputable names like Tennents, Bamfords or Kerry Taylor not online auctions site or we offer resale market prices. We make sure we can offer you best price!


Condition is key with vintage or designer scarves or accessories and probably the most important factor in valuation, every pull loose stitch, scratch or blemish decreases their value so these things we need to know about.

Vintage scarves need to be silk, silk chiffon, silk trill, rayon or collectible with mostly hand rolled and stitched hemlines. Labels intact and clean make sure prints don't have colour run.

Other accessories need to be in A1 condition as we pride ourselves in only selling the best quality merchandise.

Are you ready now to sell to US? 

1.Tell us what you have, condition, age, makers labels try in include as much information as you can including packaging and provenance.

2. Within 24 hours we will acknowledge your enquiry, you will receive a request for images and information direct to your inbox.

What do you get? 
Within 48 hours, our valuation experts will email you an appraisal of your item. If your ready to go ahead please complete the form below.