Who We Are

Our vision is born out of a passion for all things Vintage with an emphasis on small details and a love for the Art of Fashion. After many years experience in the vintage fashion world we turned our attentions to the the finest elements & fabrics that make that perfect outfit.

Beautiful Silks & Chiffon from the best labels in not just vintage fashion but couture, mixed with a unique love of shape and colour that makes up so many of our authentic silk prints.

Wanting to bathe in the nostalgia of prints and fine fabrics from the past has become our aim whether its a classic 50's rose prints satin silk scarf you're looking for or a Hermes Square or Tie. 

Our collection of vintage silk chiffon jacquard, rare and collector scarves is always being updated with new finds added daily .  All our scarves are carefully selected and screened for authenticity & originality. Every scarf or accessory is hand selected pressed and packaged before it leaves our studio to enhance your buying experience.

So without further ado we will introduce you to our team.

Debra - Creative ❉ Sophia - Blogger ❉ Jack - Buyer